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  • What makes JK House of Grace unique and different from other assisted living homes?
    ✔ RN/DN on duty and on call 24/7 ✔ Trained staff ✔ Single level home in a safe neighborhood ✔ Clean and well maintained homes ✔ Assisted Living that looks and feels like a home ✔ Ability to decorate private rooms ✔ Pet friendly community* ✔ Outdoor patios ✔ Safety features** ✔ Large egress windows ✔ Surveillance Cameras*** ✔ Standby electric generator *Pets are allowed to visit as long as the pet is friendly to strangers and has current vaccines. Pet visits must be arranged with the director and are limited to dogs and cats only. **Safety features include but are not limited to handrails, grab bars, alarmed doors, fire extinguishers, monitored fire alarm, and sprinkler system. ***Surveillance Cameras are in common areas only.
  • Do you have rooms available?
    For availability, inquires, and pricing please contact us at (301) 792-1144.
  • Do you accept residents who are suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's and need help with memory care?
    Yes! We are licensed to provide care for residents suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's and those needing memory care.
  • What level of care are you able to provide?
    We are licensed as a Level III (3) facility in Maryland which is considered the the highest level of care. This means we can accept residents that require level I, II or III care.
  • How do you determine the “level of care” for a resident?
    A level of care is established for the resident based on information provided by a doctor and an assessment performed by the RN guided by the State of Maryland COMAR.
  • Do you have locked units for residents with behavioral issues?
    No. As an assisted living facility, we are not allowed to lock any resident in a locked unit.
  • What are your fees?
    Our prices vary and are based on doctor notes, the level of care needed, the assessment done by the ALM/RN, and the physical condition of your loved one. In order to provide accurate pricing please contact us at (301) 792-1144.
  • How often do your fees increase?
    Our fees usually increase annually. We try to keep any increases to a minimum but due to the rising cost of living increases and continuing minimum wage increases there is an annual increase. In some case within the year, if the physical condition of the resident changes dramatically, there might be cause to increase the fees at that time following a new assessment on the resident.
  • What is included in your fees?
    The following items are included in the service fee: - A private or semi-private room which includes a closet, bed, bedside table and lamp, chair, dresser, bath linens and bed linens; small locked storage bins for personal items. - A dietitian created a meal plan which include three meals a day and additional snacks with beverages. We accommodate special dietary needs; - All ADLs which include personal care services, assistance with eating, personal hygiene, transferring, toileting, grooming and dressing; - Nail filing and manicure, foot soaking and applying lotion - Personal care items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, lotions, powders, comb, tissues, shampoo, deodorants. - Daily housekeeping services; - Daily and as needed machine washable laundry (spots and stains are not treated). - Arrangements made for health care, social services, social activities; - The administration of medications and/or reminders or physical assistance to residents who can self-administer medications. - Assist in making arrangements for residents who wish to attend a Daycare program.
  • Do you arrange for onsite visits from health providers and professionals?
    Yes. We arrange for the following additional services to be done at our facilities through health insurance or at the resident’s expense: - In home Health Services (x-ray; blood work, Doppler, podiatry, dental, hearing, lab work, physical/occupational therapy) - In home Doctor visits and other professional medical care. - In home hairdresser, barber - Escort and assistance to appointments. - Over the counter/prescription medications - Medical/nursing supplies used by resident. - Transportation
  • Can a resident attend Daycare or Social activities?
    Yes. If the resident is capable of attending outside events, we will help in arranging attendance these services at the resident’s expense.
  • Is there a difference in price for private and semi-private?
    Private rooms are slightly higher than the semi-private rooms.
  • Are your current residents alert and orientated to their surroundings?
    As we accept all levels of care, some of our residents are alert and orientated and other residents are dependent of total care.
  • Do you provide activities inside and outside of the home?
    Yes, activities are scheduled throughout the day that our residents participate in including, games, puzzles, crafts, music, TV, etc. and we do frequently, weather permitting, take the resident outside to our porch area for picnics or to the other facilities. Residents able to walk are sometimes taken for outings around the community. We invite you to see pictures of our activities on our Facebook page at: JK House of Grace, Assisted Living Homes.
  • What is your staff to resident ratio?
    1:4 day caregiver ratio 1:8 night caregiver ratio​ (Silver Spring Addresses) 1:4 day/night caregiver ratio (Rockville Address)
  • Do you have awake staff at night?
    Yes. We have 24/7 caregivers. We do not have live-in staff. Our caregivers work shifts and are continuously checking on our residents through the night without disturbing the resident’s sleep or comfort unless for re-positioning or for tending to the incontinent needs of the resident.
  • Do you have cable TV’s in the rooms?
    We are happy to provide standard local TV channels in any room for our residents. There is no additional charge for this service.
  • Are there phones in the resident rooms?
    Our residents can use the cordless house to receive calls and to make local calls free of charge. If a resident/resident family wants a separate line the resident/family can arrange with the phone company to install a phone at an additional charge, or the resident/resident family can have a personal cellular phone.
  • Do you take respite care? (short-term stay)
    Yes! We can provide respite care for stays of three days up to one month (30 days). For more information please contact us at (301) 792-1144.
  • Do accept residents through the Arc Montgomery County program?
    Yes. We are a consortium member with the Arc program and the respite approved hours can be used at our facility. For more information, please contact us at (301) 792-1144.
  • Can you provide Hospice/Palliative Services to your residents?
    We arrange with numerous Hospice/Palliative Agencies to provide this service to eligible residents.
  • What Social Media do you use?
    We currently use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. We post activities in these medias.
  • What kind of experience and training does your caregiver staff possess?
    Our staff is trained to recognize and respect the whole person. All caregivers are qualified to work with the elderly and are certified in CPR and First Aid. Many of our caregivers are certified CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) and most caregivers are certified MT (Medication Technicians). All caregivers are given ongoing training in Cognitive Impairment & Mental Illness, Infection Control, Basic Food Safely, Fire & Life Safety, Emergency Disaster Plans, Health & Psycho-social needs, Resident Rights, etc.
  • Are you willing to provide references?
    Yes. A list of current and former clients will be given upon request.
  • Do you take Long-Term Care Insurance?
    Yes. Assistance is given in submitting documentation to LTC Company for the resident.
  • Do you take Medicaid Waiver or State Subsidy?
    We are a private pay facility.
  • How do families who live out of state, connect to their loved one?
    Families can communicate with their loved one by calling the facility directly. We are happy to arrange video calls through the use of applications such as: FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Are pets allowed in the facilities?
    Pets are allowed to visit as long as the pet is friendly to strangers and has current vaccines. Pet visits must be arranged with the director and are limited to dogs and cats only.
  • Do you do a background check to your employees?
    Yes, prior to employment all employees undergo screenings and background checks.
  • I have more questions. Who can I contact?
    Please feel free to contact us directly by calling (301) 792-1144 or send us an email:
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